Health Q - not TMI I think

What might explain frequently seeming to feel a need to urinate, but not, in fact, really needing to, ie really not producing any much at all.

I’m female, age 43, and I actually drink more in terms of ordinary water than I do of caffeine, if tht helps. Yes, I will ask my medic, only I have a stupid habit of remembering matters like that when it is far too late in the day to phone and make appointment :frowning:

I also seem to be goin through menopause rather early (though not very unusually so, I think) so might that be connected?

IANAD, but that symptom can be a symptom of simple urinary tract infection, which your doctor can confirm (or rule out) with a simple urine test. Of course, it can also be a symptom of other things, too. Sounds like you’re due for a physical anyway, to discuss the possible menopausal signs, which can also be very vague.

In the meanwhile, it won’t hurt to take some extra vitamin C or to drink cranberry juice.

Yeah, you’re right - am due to see doc soon. :frowning: Thanks. Crunching Vit C even as I type, now ! :):):

Ummm … I find taking cranberry capsules (I can’t abide the taste of cranberry juice, even when mixed with other juices) helps to both prevent and treat UTIs, to which I’ve been prone all my life.

What you described in the OP is described in the US as “urgency” :slight_smile: and most doctors are of the opinion that urgency, when it is unaccompanied by pain or burning at the time of micturition - or any other of the signs of a UTI, is fairly meaningless. Or at least most doctors I’ve talked with.

It could very well be that this symptom could be related to the early menopause, if indeed that’s what you’re having. You are rather young for menopause, which is usually described as having “normal” onset between the ages of 49 and 53. I think that you should discuss this with your family doctor, and perhaps see a GYN as well. There are some potential negative consequences to making this kind of assumption. Frex, certain kinds of cysts can produce some of the signs of menopause. And when they do, it is generally caused by their promoting the overproduction or underproduction of some particular hormone. However, it ain’t the Real Thing[sup]TM[/sup]. And it is not a good idea to just say, “Oh, well, I’m sure nothing’s wrong.” There are, alas, too many things that can go wrong with the female reproductive machinery, and some of them are potentially quite serious.

Good luck, and please let us know the outcome? :slight_smile: