Health question (healing)

I had a biopsy on a skin lesion a while back, and it wouldn’t heal properly. So I finally change doctors, and she immediately puts me on an antibiotic cycle, and tells me how she wants me to bandage the thing.

Fast forward two months, and I’m taking off my socks and I notice a large stain around the wound area. Almost like it was sweating right there on and in the wound.

The liquid had no smell. There was some on my foot and I felt it. Just like water. No pus, no discoloration, nothing I can identify as out of the ordinary.

Well, for the past two weeks, this area on my foot has done nothing but leak fluid. I at first thought it was trying to finally heal. The biopsy was so deep, it literally looked like I had a sealed hole on my foot, but a hole just the same.

Anyone have a similar experience and can tell me what is happening? All disclaimers apply about you are not a doctor, I am not your patient, etc, etc, etc.

Any ideas?

Final note. It drains constantly now, soaking every bandage I’ve Used completely. Still, no smell and it looks and feels like plain old water.