Healthy bread baking ideas please

I want to bake something that keeps for minimum of a week or so. Handy stuff for work. More for snacking but could become part of a lunch. Healthy ingredients like whole grains, oats, buckwheat, blender groats into a flour, use soy flour, etc.

Bread doesn’t keep very long or taste all that good after a day or two. I make a small loaf of bread most weekends.

I tried making thin crunchy italian breadsticks. Turned out okay but way too much work for the amount of output. Tried making more of a cracker type thing. Rolled it out thin and baked at a low heat. Ummm, it was okay, but not that good. However a lot easier than the breadsticks. I’ve also made pita bread and pita chips - good but also a lot of work. Flatbreads don’t keep too long.

any ideas and/or recipes? Thanks in advance.