Healthy Thinspiration?

Right, so you may have heard about “Thinspiration”, and I agree that it’s pretty bad to promote eating disorders.

On the other hand, some blogs (Like this one) seem to get the balance right, and some of their quotes are pretty darn inspiring.

I’ve been trying to find other sites with reasonable inspirations (I’ve actually managed to up my jogging to 5k!), but it seems like everything I’ve found tends to be heavy on the “eating disorder” scale (har har).
Anyone found any good, healthy thinspiration sites? Or what was your inspiration to stay on your diet and exercise plan?

A lot of people have good Pinterest boards on the topic.

Here’s one.

Yes most of the blogs are very bad and full of eating disorders. Here is a good one as well - and I also found a FB page -

Interesting…I’ve not come across this. Most of the stuff I see on Pinterest - if it’s not nail art or decadent desserts - is workout inspiration and inspiration to eat healthy. True, that’s because many of the random Facebook friends I follow on Pinterest are into working out, but even still when I look at the “Everything” Pinterest front page, I still don’t seem to run in to anything encouraging anorexia or bulimia.

This Something Awful thread. It’s 65 pages of people posting things, pictures, videos, personal anecdotes that motivate them.

Also this post:

One more: this tumblr is a compendium of tumblrs for fitness broken out by height and gender, so you can find someone who fits your stats to tailor the motivation to you. :slight_smile:

Watching my husband look at attractive women is my motivation.