Hearing aid attached to head?

I saw a fellow the other day wearing what looked like a hearing aid - rounded piece tucked behind his hear, little tube going into his ear - fairly normal.

Except there was another piece - a small squarish piece on his head, about two inches up from the piece behind the ear, connected to it by a wire or tube. It looked like it was stuck on his head somehow.

What was that rig?

I’ve heard of a BAHA–a Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid–but to the best of my knowledge, a BAHA does not connect to anything that externally enters the ear. Still, look at the link, and see if it looks like what you saw.

Cochlear implant? I have a friend who brother in law has one. Did it look similar to this?


Yeah, a cochlear implant would be my guess, too.

Yep, the picture of the cochlear implant looks similar to the one I saw.

Yes, lots of implantees wear a tube and earmold to stablize the whole set up