Heart Attach

Approximately, how long after a chubby, 53 year old woman, shovels 12" to 18" of snow in a 60 ft driveway does she usually have her heart attach? Is it immediatly or a bit longer?:frowning:

It could happen at any time. She could suffer a heart attack while shoveling, or even hours or days later. Since there is insufficient history of the person, no answer here will suffice. Only her doctor can tell – and should be consulted right away if you are that concerned.

Could be either. If in doubt, call 911 now. I’m serious.


It’s attached to the aorta and the superior vena cava.

I am concerned, but have no pain or squeezing in my chest . . .yet. The last time I shovelled I did, right after I was done. Hopefully, I am building heart and other muscles. I have shovelled enough this year. More than once I have had the symptoms.

I was just curious, how long afterward the concern should last.

I have no doctor, so 911 is probably the best thing to do. I just am not sure how I should feel, before I do something like that. I don’t want to feel like and idiot. My doctor was sent to Kuwait a couple weeks ago.

I’m kinda scared about the “usually” part. Do many chubby, 53 year old ladies have heart attacks when they shovel?

On a more serious not, QtM is definitely an authority on the subject, and… well, better safe than sorry!

If you aren’t currently having these symptoms, but have had even one episode, you should go see a doctor for a workup. Surely your doctor has referred his patient load to another doctor while he is out of the country, or at least his office staff can refer you to someone else?

If you start experiencing the symptoms and aren’t relieved after a few minutes of rest, then call 911. Maybe it’s your heart, maybe not, but don’t take any chances! Don’t worry that medical personnel will think you are foolish - they take those symptoms far more seriously than most patients.

Actually, let me amend that. If you start experiencing the symptoms, call 911 right away.

I promise I will call 911 if any symptoms arise. Thank you all.

Here’s sort of a side question.

Is a heart attack more likely after strenuous, but not aerobic types of work? I’m talking about movements like snow shoveling or ditch digging, rather than brisk walking or stair climbing machines.

The reason I ask is that I’m in fairy good shape, although a bit overweight. I can go for hours at the gym, but sometimes when I work around the house it feels like my heart is going to explode.

To shed some light on the OP’s generic question, and not to be misconstrued as specific advice, the risk for a heart attack is high for at least one hour after strenuous exercise/exertion. Here is the abstract of a highly relevant study.

For those who are interested, here is the second (and actually more informative) abstract showing that heart attack risk lasts for about one hour after strenuous exercise.

My personal experience is that a heart attack can occur days later.
I my case I did as you, a day of heavy physical exertion. No work for a couple of days with no pain. Then had “You know Judgement Day is upon you Pain.” The pain subsided by morning so it’s off to a couple days of heavy work. No pain. Two days of no work. Then an attact of pain that did not go away after 24 hours.