Heart should cover Led Zeppelin IV

Okay, I know that other people have actually recorded cover albums of Led Zeppelin IV, but I have actually heard three songs off of LZ4 in live Heart concerts, and they completely blew the original away. Okay, Black Dog was merely just as good, if robbed a bit of its primal male cock-rockingness, but Battle of Evermore and Misty Mountain Hop were HUGELY benefitted by the effortless scream of Nancy and (on Battle) the harmony of Ann.

Of the rest of the songs on LZ4, (wish there was a Runes character on ASCII :)), I think they could do:

Rock n Roll, Four Sticks: Just as good as the original.
Stairway, When the levee breaks: I’m not sure, it might be better, but probably worse.
Goin to California: I think Robert Plant’s style really shines over Nancy’s here. She could never do the “goin to California with an achin IN my heart” as well as Robert.

Has anyone else heard them do other covers off of Led Zep 4? When will they come out with the cover album? :slight_smile:

Some years back, there was an offshoot of Heart called The Lovemongers. They did an EP and toured. There’s footage of one of the concerts, and the performance of “The Battle Of Evermore” was shown on MuchMusic. I managed to grab it on VHS. This is a completely riveting rendition, note-for-note perfect. I can’t imagine Zeppelin doing it any better live, maybe not even as good.

I’ve got a Heart bootleg from very early in their career, taped at some bar near Chicago (?), and they did “Rock And Roll” on it. Pretty good, too!


Ah! That’s the version I’ve heard on the Singles Motion Picture Soundtrack. Yes, it is better than the original.