Heart Stop and Sneeze

Anybody have a link or can me where I can find a medical journal or other creditable source that says your heart does not stop when you sneeze?


Check common explanations section, item number 3.

Snopes is generally pretty credible.


I’ve done over a thousand cardiac stress tests in my career, which involve monitoring each patient for an average of 15 minutes on an ekg. Many of them have sneezed. I never noted a single incident of “heart stopping” or even a brief sinus pause because of this.

How’s that?

None of these are just I would call creditable. The first two don’t say where they are getting their information. And QtM, I don’t know you or know you are a doctor, I don’t think you are a liar but there is no way for me to confirm you are correct.

BZ00000, I have an idea then. Why don’t you march yourself down to your local cardiac unit then and ask for yourself in person?

Careful! they might not really be doctors :rolleyes:

Anyway; it seems fairly clear that you want this information to win an argument; why don’t you just ask your opponent to provide a reputable cite that says your heart does stop when you sneeze?