Heat lamps for a stadium?

Keeping aside the issues of economics for a while, is it technologically possible to use arrays of heat lamps to warm up a large open area? Say a roofless sports arena, or a parking lot.

Heat lamps don’t seem terribly practical, but they do make propane heaters for outdoor spaces designed to be used in a roofless area. It would take a fairly large array to do much for a sports arena, and you’d have the matter of obstructing lines of sight and so on. Could present an interesting design challenge.

Heat lamps are used a lot in smaller hockey arenas. You have to be sitting almost in front of them to get any decent amount of warmth from them.

One time Denver had a huge area on the street and parking lots marked off for a St. Patrick’s day party, maybe 5 acres total. The weather was seriously cold. So they put up a grid of those propane heaters maybe 50 ft spaced apart. Each one had a zone of 8 foot radius where it was warm, and maybe a total of 15ft radious where it was warmer than normal, but still cold. So to completely envelop an area in them would take a lot, but they do make small areas tolerable.

Some bars also have wierd overhead pipes in their outdoor areas that generate IR heat. It doesn’t heat the air, but it heats solid surfaces like tables and skin. It a very uneven heat, but better than nothing. They got pretty popular after smoking got banned.

Not even smaller hockey arenas. GM Place in Vancouver uses them. Only in the suites and the table service restaurant, but they do exist.

Thanks for the responses so far. I am aware of the mediocrity of the current solutions out there. What I am picturing is tall posts with large lamps (just like stadium lights) lighting a large area like a stadium or a parking lot with IR. It would then be like wolfman mentions, not heating the air but the surfaces. Is it feasible even if economically insane?

I’m sure it’s technologically achievable. Probably you need something from an industrial supplier. How you would get it mounted the way you want would be a job for a civil engineer I think.

Some FB stadiums have heated benches for the players. Not all players use them but they are an option.

Well, this is all idle curiosity product of 3 nights without sleep, thinking about people digging cars from their parking lots and having heard someone described as “warm” and “distant” at the same time. The engineers can rest for now.

All the applications on the link seem to be very close range, btw. Can you really throw IR light over a long distance without too much loss?

Ah, gotcha, well I can tell you that if your musing turned into something useful my coworkers and I would flip for it.

As far as the distance. We had to know some numbers for them when I was in school but that was the early '90s and I’ve forgotten them. I’m sure I can dig up a spec sheet though…