Heather Locklear arrested (and one scary looking mug shot)

you can sleep it off in your car but heres a couple tips
Use the Passenger seat
DO NOT put the keys in to listen to the radio
if the keys are in the cops can bust you for being in control of the car, which is just a load of crap to think you could be drunk as hell sleeping it off in your car like a responsible human being and you can still be charged with dui.

I agree she looks fine in the mugshot.
Very vulnerable, like she needs me to console her.

There was a thread on this in GQ within the last couple of months. Seems there was even a case where someone was cited for DUI while approaching his car with the keys in his hand. Laws and enforcement thereof vary widely.

Aw, poor Heather. When the internet first came to my work, and there was a fan website that had tons of SFW photos of her. What a smile.

Autobiographical aside: the ONLY time I have ever approached a woman in a grocery store, it was because of a Heather Locklear clone. We made eye contact passing in the aisle, and when I saw her several registers down, I changed lines to get behind her in line. She looked at me again, smiled, and I was dumbstruck. I regained my speech, and said,

“Excuse me, please don’t take this wrong, but did anyone ever tell you that you look EXACTLY like Heather Locklear?”

“Oh…thank you. Just so you know, I don’t have Amanda’s attitude!”

“I don’t even watch Melrose Place. I just think that Heather is a really beautiful woman.”

Another smile, "That’s nice. Thank you!’

This is where my brain froze up. She got her groceries and started walking away. “Goodbye, Heather!” was all I could think of. She looked back, smiled and waved.

And that was my date with Heather Locklear.

Having known a couple of people who were started on medications for various mental issues, I’ve witnessed some fairly bizarre out-of -character behavior until all the doses were adjusted, and it can take months.

I feel bad for her because this ended up as a public record that of course got picked up by media that would have ignored any non-celebrity. She really may not have realized she was so bad off until she got on the road and that’s why she pulled over on her own. She was probably trying to call someone to come get her, and the cops showed up first.

An honest mistake that unfortunately involved a controlled prescription medication.