Heather Locklear arrested (and one scary looking mug shot)

Story here

If she was driving afer drinking or drugging, I’ve lost whatever residual of respect I once had for her.

Certainly driving under the influence of drugs or medication is a bad thing, for which I would not dream of making excuses. The article did say that alcohol was ruled out.

However, that is not what I’d call a scary-looking mug shot. She looks like an attractive 40-something woman who has had a bad night.

Yeah, she just looks like a really hot, slightly-older woman who’s been up all night doing coke and/or other things. I see scarier people at the grocery store every day.

I guess I’m the only one who thinks she looks better in her mug shot than in her other ones…

Apart from the deer-in-headlight-look on her face - no, you’re not. :wink:

She looks like she’s been crying. I heard it was prescription drugs. I have not lost respect for her.

As mugshots go that one is phenomenal. Pull out your passport and take a look at it.

Nick Nolte’s mugshot. Now there’s a mugshot.


Heather, Heather, Heather. Drugs will not make you happy. Come, move in with me. I will make you happy. I promise. :slight_smile:

I’m not that much of a fan of hers, but just to play the Devil’s Advocate:

The article said she was found to be driving “under the influence of a controlled substance”. Could that have been her medication? Some depression medication has been known to affect your driving.

And I can’t say that she looks that bad in that photo. Obviously she looks upset and has been crying, but she looks pretty good for a 47 year old woman.

I concur. For a 40 something woman who’s has had a really bad night with little to no sleep, I think she looks great!

If you compare that shot to any other shot of a celebrity who has their photo taken without spending an hour in make-up, you’d find she looks pretty good.

Once I saw Cindy Crawford in a resort restaurant and she looked like any other tall attractive woman, but–supermodel? You would never have guessed.

In all fairness I heard that mugshot was taken during the filming of The Hulk and that’s why he looks so ragged. That’s what his character looked like in the movie. It would make sense for him to keep the ragged look instead of cleaning up every night especially if he was shooting multiple scenes over the course of a few days.

I think she looks startled, scared and is also saying “hello, I’ve been expecting this moment for a time now and here it is. Now what?”
I actually LIKE this pic of her–and I’ve never had any respect for her as an “actress” or celebrity. She looks genuine and human. She is beautiful.

If’n you ask me, that’s dear in the headlights. She can paddle my shifters anytime she wants.

Wait, wait.

People respect Heather Locklear?

I thik a lot of people felt bad for her, after her husband left her to have an affair with her “best” friend. She may have gotten some points after she refused to bash either one in public, either…

come on now… if David Spade can’t make her happy… who can?

I’m sure she’s broken up about this.

Here’s a question. If she was found sitting in the car, but not moving, can she still be booked for a DUI or something? It says she was sitting alone and stopped but in the drivers seat. It didn’t mention if the car was running. Would that make a difference?

Yes, they can book her. The states have contrived their laws to make easy for the cops on this sort of thing. I can’t cite the letter of the law but you should try to remember that no matter how innocent you think you are, don’t try to sleep it off in your car.