Heeeere Kitty-Kitty-Kitty...LIKE HELL!! With newslink

The lady phoned the coppers, & said she was being bothered by a large cat.

The dispatcher assumed this meant “do-mes-tic-a-ted”.

No such moggie, Serpico.



Can I get a dweat bid SQUEEE! For da Kitty? :smiley:

That poor bastard looks like it’s sleeping off a hangover.

I love the DANGER stenciled on the back of the truck bed. :smiley:

aaaawww, that a gorgeous widdle kiddy kat!

I don’t even like cats, I think he’s gorgeous.

I saw a stone sculpture of a mountain lion in Santa Fe last weekend. Someone had left a Bible lying across its paws. Maybe it was supposed to be the lion of Judah?

They do come into town here sometimes. Usually, if they aren’t presenting a great danger to passersby, they get tranquilized and moved back into the mountains.

Awwwww. No matter how big they get, they’re all kitties and do the same kitty things.

Like playing with their [del]prey[/del] food.

I wonder how a mountain lion would react to a laser pointer…

Prolly put his foot on the dot, and then you take your finger off the button so it disappears, and then he takes his foot off to look at his catch and AHA, you turn the dot on somewhere else… God, we could go for hours, except he’d probably tear up the trim running up the wall.

I mean, my cats never figure out that it’s me with the magic stick, why would he?

danger kitty!!1!!!11

It’s only a matter of time before someone LOLLION’s it…

I hope that doesn’t include “spraying”.

At that size of cat…!:eek:

It does. Everybody’s gotta mark their territory, and when you don’t have thumbs to work the tools, you use the tool nature gave you.

mine (the old guard) figured it out. the newbies are too silly still, and will try and hunt it long after i’ve put the pointer away.

Then he notices your hand moving back and forth and bites it off . . .

I always wonder what goes through the minds of animals who are tranquilized and “re-located.”

“Who’s wine? What wine? Where the hell did I dine?”

(Stolen from Peter Frampton)