Hefner's Law

I propose “Hefner’s Law”:

If you don’t pose for any nude pictures, there won’t be any nude pictures of you.

That’s one of the many uses of Photoshop.

Next up: If you don’t have any money, no one can steal it!

And supertelescopic lenses. You don’t have to pose for nude photos for them to exist. You just have to be nude anywhere in line of sight to an area that the public has access to; or in fact anywhere someone might have a camera phone with them.

And don’t go out in public wearing clothes - people might stick smartphones under or up them to get shots of your nude body.

I can think of many, many ways to obtain nude pictures of someone who did not pose for them.

Or change clothes somewhere in a home where there is some sort of nanny cam.

Or change with a cellphone nearby that has been hacked to allow remote camera access.

Or use a toilet in a bathroom that has a window that a drone can aim down through.
(I finally saw one of those drones last week at the beach; the operator was standing on the sidewalk leading to the beach and the drone, which was scrupulously distanced 20 feet out from hotel balconies, moved from balcony to balcony, window by window, filming the inside of every single hotel room facing the water and their occupants.
I pulled the drapes & notified the manager. No, it wasn’t them filming a commercial.)

I’m only adding the criminal end of that industry because this thread might be about the criminal end hacking of actresses/models that happened recently and the pictures that were posted yesterday on 4chan.

I know, but most of the current panic seems to be hacking into celebrity phones that contain deliberately-taken nude photos of one and other selves.

Yes, images can be 'shopped - but with almost trivial deniability. Yes, photos can be taken under surreptitious conditions - with illegality.

If you don’t take nude selfies to send to your current bf/gf/bff/bfwb/stalker, they won’t exist to be hacked or distributed. I’m not sure why this utterly obvious fact escapes celebs who want to keep their private bits off the internet.

Mmm, I do love the smell of slut shaming in the morning.

Or wait. The opposite.

Amateur Barbarian, I recommend the following commentary for you to consider:

Especially this part:

The only people to blame in this situation are the people who *stole *private photos and published them without permission. It really is that simple.

Its illegal to hack into peoples accounts to get purposely taken photos as well. Indeed, I suspect you’re looking at a lot more time for computer hacking then you would be for long-distance nude photos.

Eh, lots of fun things contain some element of risk, especially from malicious people. I’m sure most celebs are aware of the risk, but decide the risk is small relative to whatever nude pictures bring to their sex lives ( being an actor or musician seems to involve a lot of time on the road touring or on press tours or whatever, away from signifigant others, so for a lot of people in such professions, there’s probably a lot of times where its phone-sex and naughty emails or nothing).

I agree. I Do Not disagree.

That said… you’d be amazed how hard it is to get the police to even file an official report if they “don’t see it happening”. The subject at least has a company / studio that has in place legal teams to fight on their side… but what if this was before she was a hit? What if this was before she was famous and all she got when she asked for help was “Gee, that’s too bad” ?

What. If.
Hope none of you ever get hit up-side the head with the white-ash “what if” bat. You might just have second thoughts about stalker rights.

Ya know, some of the people hacked ought to be rich enough to get the hacker whacked.

Just sayin’.

This isn’t really slut shaming. More like idiot bashing.

Yes, nude photos of you can be taken in other sorts of ways. But honestly, if you’re taking nude photos of yourself and storing them on a public communications device, you’re asking for trouble. Haven’t any of these women heard about all of the previous times people have hacked into cellphones and stolen pictures?

If you want to take nude selfies, buy a digital camera and store them on cards.

And post the video of it on YouTube.


There isn’t a jury around that would convict them.

Look, celebrities just need to come to terms with the fact that the public owns them. For life. And after they’re dead, they’ll all be in commercials dancing with vacuum cleaners.

No, the OP is specifically stating that you don’t have troubles like this if you never take nude photos. I suppose if someone broke into my house, robbed it, and stole and posted the college-era nude Polaroids of me, I’d be tsk’d at for posing for those for my then-boyfriend, now-husband.

At least one actress said she deleted those photos with her and her husband off her phone years ago but apparently they had been backed up into iCloud without her realizing it (maybe off her computer, where they’d potentially been backed up without her remembering). I have an iPhone and frequently back it up to my computer, and am pretty sure that I have multiple copies of hundreds, maybe thousands of photos on the hard drive, but I don’t know where to find them and clean them up. If I’d ever taken nudes on my phone, for all I know I would have a ton of duplicate copies on my computer.

Furthermore, Apple specifically encourages iPhone users to sync their data to iCloud for the purpose of off-site storage (should your computer and phone be stolen/destroyed in a fire/etc.), and for all I know, it’s on as a default for certain installations. (I have it off, personally.)

Should have just used polariods. Then the only cloud would be a smoke cloud when you burn the only copy.

I’m not the OP. And what you’re saying is the exact opposite of what I said. I have no problem with people taking nude pictures. I’m just saying you shouldn’t store them on the internet.