"Hegyi," a man's last name.

I’ll be heading to college at the end of this month, and being the great roommate that I will be, I was wondering from where a person with the last name “Hegyi” most probably hails. I want to impress a certain air of Holmes onto him and pretend to infer from his mannerisms and slight accents of speach that his ancestry most likely comes from ______ (insert geographical location of highest probability). Hopefully, he’ll think I’m some sort of savant and give me loads of money. :smiley: Anyway, there’s the task I lay before you. Have at it, good sirs (and ladies, too)!

Hungarian. It means ‘mountain’ in Hungarian.

Great! Thanks for the reply. Now I need to think of some way to turn this into money.

  1. Meet roommate.

  2. Chit chat with roommate.

  3. Impress him by saying he’s Hungarian.

  4. ???

  5. PROFIT!!!

The greatest Hungarian-American actor of the past 50 years. (It mght have been Laszlo “Peter Lorre” Lowenstein, but he probably identified himself more Jewish than Hungarian.

That guy looks like Josh Hartnett with an afro and a gap. But I’m sure he’s a great actor.