Heinlein Fans: Nice tribute from my favorite WebComic (and one of the oldest).


This is a very funny comic strip and the entire archive is available to read through.

J.D. “Illiad” Frazer is a techie and a fan of Bloom County for those wondering about his humor.


Great strip and a nice tribute.

Another good Heinlein reference today. I wonder if **Lissener ** would ever read UserFriendly. :wink:


I like “Userfriendly” very much. I like their roasting of the RIAA especially. And yes, very nice tributes this week.


That was funny.

I have only read a couple of Heinlein books and I know nothing about the man other than that he wrote books and is considered a great author.

That being said. Could someone please explain the joke to me.

The joke in the OP, because Heinlen’s books were heavy on the phrase “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” (which he often abbreviated as TANSTAAFL). So the way to celebrate Heinlen would be to get a free lunch.

The joke in the second one is that the Starship Troopers movie is generally considered a terrible adaptation of the book.

Recently there was a Heinlein Centennial convention in Kansas City.

A first-person account.

Those were funny!

Back when RAH died I was in Michigan, and I still have the Lansing paper, and the Detroit paper, that carried articles about his life and death.