Heinlein: The Virginia Edition. Anyone order it?

A few years ago I tried to order the Meisha Merlin Heinlein collection but they never got it off the ground.

It’s been passed on to another house and is being released as “Robert A. Heinlein: The Virginia Edition” and is said to include everything he released commercially as well as other books and several collections of letters, criticisms and other writing by and about RAH.

The Virginia Edition

At a minimum we know they’re not dropping many dollars on their website!

So, anyone have it or order it? I think I’m going to do it.

Pass. I subscribed to a re-publishing of all of Pratchett’s work, with original dust cover art a few years ago. It never got past the third book.

Besides, I think I already own everything he’s ever published, in any fashion.

Well, I did it. Today I ordered it and the first 35 or so volumes should be on their way tomorrow.

And how much did this set you back (if you don’t mind me asking)?

Not at all. The total is $1500. That’s down from the more than $2200 for the original concept.

And it’s 46 volumes, so that price isn’t too bad on a per-volume basis. (I’m trying to imagine how big the set would be if they did the same thing for Asimov’s works.)

And remember, this has seldom seen things like:

For Us, the Living
How to be a Politician
Creating a Genre (short works)
2 collections of non-fiction
New Worlds to Conquer (more short works)
Three volumes of letters

and more. There will almost certainly be stuff in there I haven’t read.

I think that including For Us, the Living is a bonus only for the completist. I’ve been trying to slog my way through it. It should have stayed buried.

I have a copy of it, too. But it’s got to be there if you’re selling a Heinline: Complete Writings.

I believe I warned against people buying this thing from Meisha Merlin after they managed to get two volumes of something I wanted out (the first with a ton of typos) and never released the rest.

Considering that you can find most everything Heinlein wrote (not all, I agree) in a used book store for a couple bucks a book I don’t really see the appeal.

Hello! I just joined this group to find out more about the Virginia Edition… I’m a huge Heinline fane and found out about the Virginia Edition because I was searching the internet for leather bound Heinline books. Specifically - any and all things related to Lazarus Long (aka…).

Is this reprint legit? Did the books show up? Well made, complete, and wonderful to have on your shelves?

If so, I’ll be purchasing immediately!

Thanks for any info you can / will share!

I wish I was paid enough to afford it. :frowning:

I got the first 35 books fairly quickly. The editor is very communicative and has shared several email chains with me, especially about some edition choices. The Virginia Edition of ‘Red Planet’ for example, includes the discussion about gun rights and ownership in the early chapters and one of the later martian episodes includes a section where Willis lays eggs of (presumably) future martians.

In all I consider it a fine purchase and the collection has its own set of shelves. It takes up quite a bit of space but I don’t begrudge it a minute.

The editor informed me just yesterday that the last set of book are headed to press in July for a September delivery. At that point I’ll have it all.

Damn, that’s beautiful. How I wish I could afford it right now. <mourn>

Thank you Jonathan! It’s so difficult to tell when something online is real, or a scam. Hate to order & pay, then never see the books. I can’t wait to get these. And yes! I am sure they will have a shelf of their own at my place too! Do you think museum quality lighting and humidity controll is over the top? Ha! Ha!

Thanks so much!

Note: They’ll negotiate over the price if you contact the editor. Might save you some money.

I am insanely jealous! I guess I’ll just have to wait for you to die, and dig up your corpse to retrieve them.

What? You wouldn’t be buried with them? For shame! :smiley:

Oh! I can’t bury them with me. My daughter is going to want them I’m sure. She doesn’t know Heinlein yet (she is 14). So far, she is more into fantasy than syfi. She has already staked claim to my books, I’m just hoping she doesn’t want to hurry me along to get them! :wink:

Jonathan - can you send me a note with the email address for the publisher? you mentioned exchanging email strings. Thanks!

No worries. I’ve sent off a private message to your SDMB account with her name and email address. Good luck!

Even so. I’ve been unemployed for coming up on 2 years. The only way I could justify spending savings on it now would be if I knew I would be working soon.


I’ll just envy you. And plan a burglary after you get the rest of them. :wink: