Helen Mirren is a stone cold fox

Apparently, Helen Mirren is putting out a book and it includes some risque pics that her photographer lover took in 1979… there are a couple of examples here:

http://community.livejournal.com/ ohnotheydidnt/16273393.html

This link is sort-of NSFW - but not too bad… I’ll break it in half though to protect the kiddies…

Was she gorgeous, or what? I mean, I think she still is incredibly sexy for a lady her age - but back in the day…wow!

Oh, yes. I fell for Helen Mirren about a quarter century ago, and she’s aged better than I have.

Oh, yes. She had a very nice threesome scene in Caligula the showed her form off quite well. Quite elegant as well. (Helen, not Caligula.)

I was talking with a friend about her recently; she’s always been attractive, and what I love about her now is she looks her age, and is totally rockin’ it. I wish more women in Hollywood would do that–I understand that the roles for older women aren’t as plentiful, but you know, everybody gets older, so just deal with it as gracefully as possible instead of pumping Botox and whatever the hell else they’re using nowadays into your face. It looks awful and doesn’t fool anyone.

Yes, but…[fidgets crossly] I adore her as an actress, but…that was 1979; she was 34 years old. I’d have a lot more respect for her if she’d pose nude now at age 62.

I’m a crank, I know.

She did some tasteful nude scenes in the film Calendar Girls, which was released in 2003.

She’s 62, and she’s still on My List. Hubba hubba.

I used to date a woman who was the dead spit of Helen Mirren. Bugfuck crazy, but damn she was hot looking. Liked posing naked for pictures, too.

I think she’s smokin’ hot now, but those older pictures aren’t bad either. She’s a GMILF!

Rent some of her old movies if you want to see some more naked Helen. I recommend Age of Consent and Hussy.

I just searched her on Google images with the safety filter turned off and was presented with many pleasing images which involved full frontal nudity. My overall sentiment has already been expressed in this thread:

Now, if I could just get a threesome with Helen Mirren and Francesca Annis I could die a happy man. I have very fond memories of being 14 years old and going on a class trip organised by our English teacher to see Roman Polanski’s Macbeth - which was playing at a porno theatre - only to find that it featured a very naked Ms. Annis playing Lady MacB. And she was smokin’: to an adolescent in the relatively porn-starved world of 1982, it was a revelation. O brave new world, that has such naked Shakespeare babes in it!

She was on Top Gear the other day and put Jeremy Clarkson in his place a couple of times. He looked a bit lost.

Who wouldn’t be?

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Hubba hubba.”

“What’s your name?”

“Hubba hubba.”

“You seem unwell, are you all right?”

“Hubba hubba.”

Y’know what? I consider Mirren to have been sexier since her 40s than she was before.
Same with Annis; look at pix of her from the 60s and she was lovely but no lovelier than many other actresses.
Then again, maybe it’s to do with those ick British clothes, heavy makeup and Dynel hair they had to wear as young hotties in the day.

Ah, she’s no Charlotte Rampling, but definitely attractive.

She’s 16 years older than me, so technically not even a MILF for me.

I’d still do her, without hesitation. There’s something terribly *naughty * about her.

Wait, she’s appeared nude?!? How have we ever taken her seriously as an actress?