Helicopters in M*A*S*H

What type of helicopters are those seen in the beginning of MAS*H? Some people say Bell and others say Huey.

They are the Bell H-13. Their nickname is “Angel of Mercy”. The Huey’s were used in the Vietnam war not the Korean war.

The H-13 was the military designation for Bell Helicopter’s model 47. For more than you ever needed to know about that bird, check out:

The “Huey” got its nickname from its (pre-1963) designation HU-1 (hu-i ==> huey). From 1963, its designation was UH-1. (The AH-1 Cobra was the later attack variant.) The UH-1’s Army name was Iroquois. The Huey was also built by Bell, (Model 204, I believe).

The formal Army name for the H-13 was the Sioux.