Hellkite! Instruments of Darkness! Obama said that word in his hour upon the stage!

I supported Obama throughout the election cycle. I first voted for him for president when he was still in Indonesia and I was but a lad of 7, but now I can serve him no more and must to the angel I yet serve show full allegiance. Obama must be impeached if the nation is to survive. Oh, he is a bright angel still, but the brightest angel fell.

Cite. And again.


I fear the worst will ensue. The Oscar will go to Burt Reynolds who’s not even nominated… and Marisa Tomei will get a lifetime achievement award for Cousin Vinnie… and then Gerard Depardieu will invade… and they shall converge, those three shall meet again, there to meet upon the Heath Ledger memorial
there to meet…

Or maybe not. Luckily, he has called in experts to deal with the situation, hopefully they will excorcise the bad luck. (C-Span coverageof the experts’ arrival.)

Speaking of Ford’s Theater, has anybody been there recently? I was last there about 3 or 4 years ago but I know it’s had a complete overhaul since then; one time I was there a man in a wheelchair was very upset because the basement museum [entered by very narrow stairs] was not accessible to him..

The curse only applies to actors and stagehands. The world is safe.


Hush, you! I was in this show with this guy once, and that’s what this other guy doing another show with him said, only in the middle of Act II, a President fell over on him and squished him dead. The understudy was soooo happy, but he was totally drunk at the bar across the street and they had to hold the curtain for an hour while he sobered up.

Obama has acted. On SNL. As himself! Howl! HOWL! HOWL!

Does anyone know what Ted Nugent was doing up in that presidential box or why the valet watching his car out back in the alley is being questioned? And that “Distemper tyrannosaurus” thing he shouted, what’s that about?

There’s an Othello joke in here somewhere.


And here’s to you Mrs. Robinson,
If virtue no delighted beauty lack,
Whoa oh oh…
God bless you please Mrs. Robinson,
Your son-in-law is far more fair than black
Whoa oh oh… hey hey…

PS- It occurred some people may have no idea what the issue is with mentioning the name of that play in a theater outside of a production. The Wiki.

But all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players – therefore, we’re boned. Q.E.D.