Hello Again and Phatlewt Are All Married Up (With Pics!)

True fact! Sept 28, 2008, at an Aquarium!

Pics for those who care:

How I did my hair

The Great Signing of the Paperwork

Bridesmaid and Best Man pre-wedding debate: who’s steeringthis ship?

All Married up

The buffet was set up in front of the coral reef tank – largest all-living reef tank in N. America.

People went crazy for Hava Nagila.

If you come to a shark in the road, stare at it.

Funnest. Wedding. EVAR.

Congratulations! That must have been quite a party–you broke the Greek temple in the second pic!

Congrats. You look real purty in that first pic. What an awesome place to have a wedding!

That looks like a wonderful wedding!

Was anyone else concerned about a water leak in the ceiling of the aquarium in pic 3? :eek:

Heeeere sharky sharky~:D

Those are great photos! Looks like everyone had a blast. Congratulations!

Thanks guys! A friend joked that we got married on the set of “Who Mourns for Adonis.” LoL. I said, it may not be Romanesque, but its certainly Roman-ish.

Niiiice pics! What aquarium was this at? You might have mentioned at one time but my memory is a sieve. Congratulations and may you and your beloved have many, many, many happy, healthy and wonderful days together.

Atlantis Marine World.
(warning, hideous music plays)

Thank you!!!



Is she single?