Hello Again

SDMB. It’s been awhile.

I first joined up here years ago – it was at least 2001, because I remember when 9/11 happened and all the discussion here on the boards. So y’all have known me since I was a gawky little teenager; I’m 23-years-old now. Back in 2006 I became unhappy with the general attitude of the SDMB at the time and so I quietly departed. I didn’t really miss it for a long time. Agent Foxtrot encouraged me to come back and take a look around and see if I wanted to be a Doper again. The board’s look has changed a bit, and there’s some new faces (well, screennames), and I’m thinking of hanging around for a bit longer.

I am currently at college in the middle of MS, and so a good ways away from the Gulf Coast and (ulp!) Hurricane Ike. Actually, in January I will be joining Americorps again and I’ll be back in MD, so I’ll be a MADoper once more!

Welcome back!

Welcome, welcome! Would you like some ice cream? :slight_smile:


smooshes face in ice cream

Wasabi mint flavour is great, isn’t it?

Welcome back.

Hey there. I knew you’d come back for the sweet tea. :wink:

Seriously, our older son has been stationed in NC for the last six months. Since he’s been home on a visit, he has polished off a gallon of sweet tea every day.

Hope your semester goes well. Be sure to come to the fair in October! You need a chicken-on-a-stick and a funnel cake.