Hello from Napa!

Well, Vacaville, actually. Razorette and I are vacationing with some friends in the Napa and Sonoma valleys this weekend. We visited nearly a dozen wineries Friday in the Sonoma region; today Napa is on the itinerary, with a coastal drive slated for tomorrow, then back to Colorful Colorado on Monday.

I’m green with envy of our California fellow dopers. This is only my second real visit to your beautiful state and I am reminded why you all gush so over the place. I think we drove through the Sacramento Valley when we got here (we flew into Sacramento from Denver) and I was told by our “guide” and fellow wino that the Imperial Valley is even more magnificent and productive. Anyway, 'tis truly a place to fall in love with.

Well, gotta’ get off to breakfast – so many vineyards, so little time!

Say hi to my mom and dad for me! I grew up in Sonoma County. It’s okay, I guess, but not exactly thrilling when you’re in high school.

Have fun and be safe. Not everyone uses great judgment when driving around between the wineries.

:eek: Wow, you guys must be moving fast! I’m never able to hit much more than four or five in an afternoon, what with the tasting and all.

But enjoy - looks like beautiful weather again today :).

Well, we didn’t actually stay and taste at all of 'em. Mostly we’re gathering info for future trips – we intend to do this each year. The wineries are pretty close together, so it doesn’t take long to get the info, a few pictures and move on. But when we do stop and taste, we do it right. We’re novices (have been for the past couple of years) so we’re learning a lot. We tasted at probably four on Friday, three on today. We toured Beringer Winery today – they released the 2005 cabernet sauvignon this week and had a big party. Twenty bucks for unlimited tasting, tour of the caves and Beringer mansion, unlimited answering of questions and some pretty good food … excellent value for the entertainment dollar!

And I’m falling in love with California! Holy cow, what a gorgeous place!

Well, next year, shoot me an email and we’ll do a wine-tasting dope-fest, if you and Razorette are so inclined. When I’m not taking 4 month long vacations to garden spots like Afghanistan, courtesy of my rich uncle, I live in Vacaville, also courtesy of my rich uncle.

And you are right, California is an utterly gorgeous state, I’ve thought so since the first time I lived here, lo these many years ago.

Will do! I’ve copied your post into my e-mail as a reminder.

We noticed this morning they’re fighting wildfires in the Napa Valley, must’a started sometime late yesterday. We’re thinking of cruising up the coast for a few miles today.

Excellent! Looking forward to it. Ugh, I really hope the fall rains come soon, I do not wish to come home to the kind of smoke we had in July/August. A coast jaunt is an great idea, I honestly don’t know if there is more beautiful scenery in the world than along Highway 101.