Hello, my name is Angelica. I am a 22 year old female who needs computer help...

I made the mistake of posting to USNET using my real e-mail address. groan
I know, I am sorry for my stupidity. It has been a long time since I have used it (I have the SDMB now :slight_smile: ) and I just was not thinking.

Within a few minutes of making a post I found this in my mailbox:

Evil, evil bastards…

I got that one too. Fortunately it was on my spam mail account.

I’m either naive or clueless, but what’s the problem? Spam?

Come on, if “Lyximboorg” is a real last name in any country, I’m a mongoose.


Yeah, responding would be a bad idea; kind of like those “click here to remove yourself from our list” things…

Spam is indeed the problem. This particular message plays to the horny geek stereotype who may be thinking “Hmm, a 22 year-old damsel in distress I can save with my computer skills mmmHEY, GLAVIN! I wonder if she was a cheerleader, too?”

If you reply to the plea for help (with the idea of possibly getting lucky lurking somewhere in your mind) all you do is announce to the spammer that your e-mail address is active and you will begin receiving an increased flood of spam.

I use my hotmail address for all internet contacts (it’s in my SDMB profile, too), but my “real” address, the one given me by the cable company, is only in the hands of my friends, relatives, employers and school officials. With a few minor exceptions, every e-mail that goes to the “real” address is a valid message. With a few minor exceptions, everything that goes to the hotmail address is useless deletable junk. It’s one of those balance of nature situations.


you mean there are no nubile 22 year old girls who i can sweep off their feet with my web-tech abilities?


that was the only reason i became a web-developer! My whole career choice is built on a lie!

weeps inconsoleably