Just thought that I would say hello to everyone!!!


Hi there! :smiley:

How you doin’?

Wait… that’s so two years ago.
Forget I was here…
:: crawls back into his corner ::

Heya!! 'Tis a beautiful day!! :slight_smile:

“Hello.” said the Tigress with a big, toothy grin,
her eyes glowing golden, her fur shining white.

“Come visit my den. It is dry, warm and peaceful.
And no one has called for too many nights.”

The jungle fell silent, the moon burned the sky.
No birdcalls were heard, no breezes whispered, but

Still a thrill tickled quickly the bones of my spine.
And I thought of the mat, hard and cold in my hut

And the poor bowl of oats mixed with milk from a goat,
And thinking aloud, I wondered “what shall we eat?”

Then her eyes, burning coals of russet and red,
seemed to pulse with a fire of furious heat

As she said "have no fear on that score, little friend.
For God will provide, as everyone prays.”

She advanced one soft step into the brilliant moonlight
“And love, as we know, calms the hunger that slays.”

And so peace fell again, in the jungle that night,
With not a word, not a cry, just a sudden, lost sight.


Hey now.

G’night! You can do whatever y’all want, but I’m going to bed.
See you in the morning!


Hey-lo white-tigeress!!! How ya doin’?

[Freddie Boom Boom Washington]Hi There[/Freddie Boom Boom Washington]

Hey! How’s it going with you, white-tigeress? It’s a beautiful day to be sure! Hope you have a good one! :slight_smile:


Well, Hellooooooooooooo Nurse!

I was really hoping this thread title was a reference to one of my favorite Seinfeld quotes, which probably doesn’t work well online…

“Helllllooooo! La la la!”

You sound very jovial there, Ooner. Got me laughing just thinking about that.

I was thinking it would be about that guy on Jack Benny radio shows: “Well, hellOOOOooooooo! HmmyeeEEEEEs?”

Ahh… I’m up now. Crappy weather on this side of the pond. Coffee needed badly…

<— :wink: