Hell's Kitchen - 6/10

Yes, it’s Tuesday!

And Matt is gone, hopefully never to sweat in my sight again.
Now, can we please get rid of Jenn? Pretty please?
The previews show our crew having to teach a bunch of very busty women – the local Bunnies? But elsewhere they are described as ‘housewives.’

Hmmm. Must come from the same neighborhoods where they cast other Hollywood shows. The local hausfraus HERE don’t look much like that en groupe.

If we chant together tonight, maybe it’ll happen.

“Jenn be gone. Jenn be gone.”

jali - “Jenn Be Gone” sounds like a bug spray. Hey - maybe that’d work!


Must be the same Central Casting office that supplies the “patrons” of Hells Kitchen.

Who cares? We get BOOBIES and RAMSEY yelling! WOOT!

Ugh, Bobby better not sabotage my dream of a Jenn-free Hells Kitchen.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Why is she still around? I can’t believe this. Honestly, Bobby was very mediocre and he did try to skate by without being noticed or rocking the boat but Jenn is the worst team player ever. She is no ones leader.


Would she PLEASE just go away? Or at least shut her fucking pie hole?

Sounds like Jenn is to Hell’s Kitchen as Lisa is to Top Chef.

When GR asked Christina who should go I knew he was going to do the opposite.

Just as Lisa on Top Chef has been saved by other’s phuck ups, Jen gets the same benefit on HK. Saved by someone else screwing up even more then her.

Go Petroza!!

As much as I hate Jenn, Bobby really deserved to go home after his speech to GR. I mean seriously, if you need the chef to save you from serving pieces of charcoal to the customers, you don’t deserve to be in the top 4.

Yeah, he probably cut his own throat with that. I kept thinking “Shut up, Bobby!” while he was talking. Seriously, how could he think that would be a good tactic?

I just remembered something, Jenn’s biggest chewing out of the night was not all her fault. GR got mad because the fish was brought to the pass too soon and yelled at Jen for it but we saw Petrozza take the fish, she knew nothing about it. Then as she’s getting yelled at he says nothing. So even though she was not doing well on her station and had a bad attitude, that particular offense was not completely her fault - although she should have been watching her station better. The same type thing got Christina put up for elimination last week when Jenn left some rice to burn on Christina’s station. A little bit of karma there.

Jean-Pierre was a standout star this time:

After Jenn screws up the fish repeatedly:

Push the meat! Push the meat! Push the meat!

Then he sees Bobby screw up the beef:

Push the chicken! Push the chicken! Push the chicken!
:smiley: :smiley:

I haven’t liked Jen or Bobby but for this one–GR was so right.

Jen has an ugly attitude, but at least (as far as the editing takes us) we’ve seen her attempt to take her attitude down and try to lead. She may actually be able to cook.

Bobby has been all mouth and “I’m the four star general” but when it came down to it? He didn’t impress.

I think she might have earned some capital there by taking that verbal asskicking with nary a whinge. Well, there was some whingeing but not at the usual Jen level.

Her voice drives me crazy. She has an odd tone - I don’t know how to describe it, it’s almost like she talks in a monotone or something. I can’t describe it better than that but I honestly want to turn down the volume when she’s talking.

Yeah, it’s a shrill monotone, with more than a touch of whine in it, that makes me want to punch my TV till my fist is bloody.

I don’t care if she’s the best cook on the show or not… there’s not a hint of a chance she’d be able to MANAGE a kitchen. Not with her attititude.