Hell's Kitchen season 11? holy crap they're already up to 11 seasons of this? wow

Anyway, starts tonight (3/12), 2hr premiere. 8-10pm EDT on Fox.

I don’t know if anyone else is still planning to watch. I probably wouldn’t be if there was much else to watch on Tuesdays.

Anyway, if you care to discuss the season, feel free. No spoiler tags for stuff that’s aired, but since some people hate previews, keep that in mind and spoiler tag those if you don’t mind.

I really don’t know. I was annoyed enough by the last season of Top Chef and the behavior of one contestant (Josie) who seemed to be acting like it was Hell’s Kitchen instead; I’m not sure if I can deal with the usual yahoos who show up on this show! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe my DVR is set to auto-record it…

I’ll watch it, its always been sort of a weird “passing a car accident” kind of thing. I’m guaranteed to be pissed off at the designated “I’m too good for all of you girl” (its always a girl). They have to work hard to top Robyn or Tenneil though, those two made me want to murder everyone on set.

It’s the only reality show I’ve seen more than two seasons of. I’m seriously looking forward to this!

Thank you! I hate this show but wouldn’t want to miss it. :slight_smile:

Scallops fail. Who didn’t see that coming?

I am watching now. I like Gordon Ramsay.

I hate the bitchfests they always have though. The women’s team is always bitching and backbiting each other. And now one has a puppet?

Sebastian is high as a kite.

Nedra and her hoo-has gonna vote Gina off! I gotta see that. :slight_smile:

Gina has an anxiety attack on day 1? That doesn’t bode well for her ability to handle stressful situations.

Zach stepped up like a boss.

Is Gina the “crazy” one with the Halloween witch wig? She’s the most obvious plant they’ve used yet. They aren’t even trying to make them believable anymore.

Last season they followed HK with Master Chef, which I think was a much better show. I don’t see it listed this year, which figures.

I don’t get how they pick some of these people. Did I hear this right? That short blonde headed girl is still in culinary school? :dubious:

They seem to have way more beginners – people in their 20s, with hardly any experience – than ever before. Really, is anyone going to go from ‘just graduated from culinary school’ to heading the kitchen in a real restaurant without a few years of practice???

How did I miss this? Gotta set the DVD.

Does it matter? No one who wins HK goes on to run a kitchen anyway. At most, they have won becoming a glorified line cook for a year. At this point, I would think anyone who is a good enough chef to run a kitchen could do better then winning HK career-wise.

“Guys, raise your hand if you have expirience cooking in a brigade.”

I’m so mad at myself that I missed it! I didn’t have it set up on the DVR and Fella and I went to eat with my sis and her guy (they were in town for a concert). We’re watching a show I’d recorded (Fella has been out of the country) and they showed a commercial.

Him: Isn’t that tonight?

Me: <various expletives>

It was too late. I’ll have to find it online or something.

They’ll probably rerun it before next week’s episode. My DVR did grab it (hopefully it recorded both hours’ worth) but I haven’t watched it yet.

I’m more disappointed about no Masterchef. That’s a much more pleasant show.

Yes, I read somewhere that none of the chefs got to be anything more than a line cook. Only one person ran a kitchen and it was just for a year.