Hell's Kitchen: what would your signature dish be?

Let’s say you get snatched out of your life and put on Hell’s Kitchen. Nevermind all the Ramsay abuse. If it were episode one, and you had a kitchen full of ingredients and 30 minutes to create your signature dish to impress Chef Ramsay, what would it be?

Remember, 30 minutes. I hope your dish doesn’t require a crock pot.

Just in case it comes up, please no spoilers about who won such and such season. I haven’t watched season 4 yet, and others may not have watched prior seasons.

The perfect omelet.

A good pan and a fork is all I need. Spatulas ruin omlets.

Remember, never let the eggs know you’re afraid.

Omelet, not a bad choice! Not everyone can finesse an omelet out of eggs. I know I usually end up with scrambled.

I would go for something simple, straightforward, and a cuisine he might not be intimately familiar with, but one that I have a strong working knowledge of: chicken paprikash or beef pörkölt (goulash) with galuska (spaetzle).

30 minutes? Probably Beanie Weinies. Everything I cook takes a lot longer than that.

Oh, shit, 30 minutes? Fuck. Yeah, the two I listed ain’t gonna qualify.

Well, I just watched ep 1 of season 4. Ramsay gave them 45 minutes to produce their signature dish, so everyone gets 45 minutes. No more, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn. That time limit eliminates my specialty: Pit roast bbq.

hmm… Well I’d probably have to go with spicy fire grilled shrimp with thai peanut sauce made from scratch. Toss on a light salad with some sort of light dressing.

Rice in one cooker, make it any way you like it.

Canned tomatoes (they are better), carrots, limes, onions, garlic, dates, pine nuts, cumin, salt and tobasco cooked in another pot, finished off with bits of meat of your own choice cooked separately. All served over rice.

Deviled Eggs aren’t really a dish, and probably wouldn’t be up to Ramsey’s standards, but they are my Signature. I would probably do a stuffed pork chop to compliment the eggs. :slight_smile:

It’s not our choice. It’s your choice to impress Chef Ramsay. What’s it going to be?

Chicken Fried Steak.

Omg, great idea!! He’d have to love it or hate it.

Love it, I’m sure–who DOESN’T love chicken fried steak. (By the way, love to see a recipe of yours!)

For my signature dish, I actually make a well-loved chili (by friends and family) but would NEVER attempt to serve it to Gordon. I’m sure the words “that looks like a dog’s dinner” would come into play.

Beef Wellington and a nice Risoto. Done in a Rustic, British Pub-food style. :smiley:

Better be some seared scallops in there.

Recipe, please. I have yet to get this right.

And if you really want to impress him, make sure they aren’t spoiled.

I’m really not that great of a cook, but I’d probably go with a tortilla encrusted halibut or sea bass served with lime-cilantro rice and greens. I like light and simple.

Just how many unusual ingredients are available? And are they prepped appropriately? If I can get fresh dandelion, and it’s pre-cleaned, then my grandmother’s dandelion salad would work. But if it’s the wrong time of year, or they don’t have it, or I have to clean it myself (which takes hours), then it’s a no-go.

I could also whip up my own sloppy joes in that time, if there’s green tomato relish available. I could make them without, but it just wouldn’t be right.

Sounds good.

What is “tortilla encrusted?”

Chronos, I’d expect a normal kitchen prep. The potatoes have been peeled, the onions peeled. More exotic stuff you have to prep yourself. If you can come up with a relish in the time limit, go!

In 30 minutes? Impressive.

After thinking about it, there is one Hungarian dish I could think of finishing in the time period, which involves beef filet served with a sauce made of goose liver, mushrooms, peas, and bacon or smoked ham. It’s a little more upscale than my standard fare, but I think it would work well.

Just to be fair, everyone should answer as if they had 45 minutes from right now, and not thinking about it overnight, because the contestants on Hell’s Kitchen don’t get that. I assume they get no recipe books either, so it’s go now, what you know, right now.