Helmet Cam

I’m looking to pick up a helmet camera mainly for skiing but also for biking and for taking time lapse shots in various places. Right now it looks like the GoPro Helmet Hero is a good option and I’ve seen skiers with them and have liked the results. Does anyone have experience with GoPro or the other manufacturers?

I suppose the GoPro is useful, but I can’t imagine trying to mount it anywhere.
I saw one on a kayak the other day. They had built scaffolding of some type just to get the thing mounted. I see them on top of a helmet & just shake my head.
Who the hell wants that on their head?

I use thissmall bullet type camera from helmet camera.com I have one for my bikes, and one for car use. It’s worked well for 10 years.

There are several others, though, so check out this review site that doesn’t sell anything…

I used Gopro for the last couple of years but always thought their design cumbersome and with too much of a profile as you are wearing it. I do a lot of sports and wind and other debris kept getting in the way, not to mention it came totally loose from the mount (high wind) –
I since been using the adrenaline systems HD 295 helmet cam which has incredible good HD quality. What I love about this system:


  • easy mounting allowing in the craziest places such as your poles etc for some extreme shots.
  • super clear tft screen allows you to mount and set the perfect positioning
  • DVR allows you to review your footage on the fly so you don’t have to wait to get to your computer.
  • very light weight
  • low profile camera prevents wind and the elements to move the camera position.

I ended up buying the GoPro in December just in time for there to be no snow at the start of ski season. I used it for mountain biking in Dec/Jan with the helmet strap mount (that sounds dirty) and the chest harness (also a little naughty). The chesty seems better for mountain biking. For skiing I’ve now used the chesty and the helmet mount and the helmet mount makes for a better stable image.

Yes, the helmet mount looks a bit like a teletubbie, but I love the footage. The biggest problem is that it’s really easy to get an hour of footage and the editing takes time.

I fabricated a custom mount for my Olympus waterproof camera to shoot whitewater kayaking video. I’ve been disappointed with the results, I don’t think the lens on my camera is wide angle enough. Things that should have been quite impressive video did not look like much at all. The Go Pro cameras have a wider field of view but I don’t think they have a blinking light or something that you can see to confirm that you are actually filming. My set-up you can see the screen to know for sure when it’s on.