Help a computer dummy? (Windows 7)

So like a dumbass I let security software expire on my computer.

Now my computer is loaded with viruses. I’ve been considering upgrading to windows 7. (This decission has nothing to do with my virus infection BTW)

I currently don’t have anything important on my computer that I need to save. So if I just completely wipe my hard drive and install the windows 7, will that take care of my virus problem? (And yes, I’ll make sure to install virus protection this time)

Also, when shoping on Amazon for W7, they all say “W7 upgrade” does that basically mean W7? Or do they mean to imply that I will need a previous windows installed in order for their “upgrade” to work?

Thanks for any input.

If you have an existing Windows OS installed, buy the upgrade. Then, run the installation on the infected Windows machine and select “Custom Install”. This will wipe out your current OS (including any viruses in memory) and install Windows 7.

Once you install Windows 7, the first thing you should do is follow the instructions in this thread:

(Skip straight to Step 3)

To add: Please don’t make any purchase from the infected machine. If you do not have access to any other computer, first follow the steps in the above link to disinfect your current OS before upgrading.

Do you still have a recovery or OS disc for your current install?

In your current state, I’d recommend, if possible, wiping the harddrive and restoring from your restore disc if possible, then installing Win 7 upgrade in the way xash recommmends.

That should give you the best chance of clearing any and all infections.

I’d also heavily recommend checking out Microsoft’s new MS Security Essentials. Perfectly decent, easy-to-use free antivirus from MS. No annoying popups, no license renewals to worry about.