Help! Anyone remember this Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode?

Ok does anyone remember this Mystery Science Theater episode, or even better, the name of it, so I could see if the episode is available to rent? You are my hero if you do.

All I can remember is that there is some midwestern family and a lot of or all of what we see takes place in their farmhouse. I THINK some bad guys come into the house, but even that part is vague. The family is rather wholesome, comically so, I think. At one point, one of the MST robots says, for the father, when father looks around uncertainly and uselessly as a response to some development, “Uh – should I be reading my bible now?” This line cracked up my entire family and made its way into our lexicon, to be used when the speaker is unsure what to do next. Can anyone else remember anything like this???

Episode #522 - Teenage Crime Wave.

It’s not currently available on either VHS or DVD.

I have all the episodes on tape and I have recently transfered them to DVD.