Help! Bad DVD player won't eject (rented) DVD!

I have a DVD player (RCA RC5215P) that I had not used since I moved last September. I had dropped it during the move and was afraid it would not work, but I hooked it up recently and it was working fine.

Then, the next day, it would not turn on. I have tried discharging the capacitors (leaving it unplugged and holding down the power button a minute), no change.

I don’t care about the DVD player anymore, but I really need to get that disc out. This DVD player does not seem to have any normal screws anywhere on the outside of it, so I can’t disassemble it. I have tried prying the tray open with a knife but I can’t get it out.


Nevermind, I found a well hidden manual release slider on the bottom, I was able to pry the tray open after moving it.