Help build the soundtrack to the SDMB...

Hmmm…Chain of Fools

This just came on the radio…

BTO’s “Takin’ Care of Business” could play whenever the mods / admins have to move threads / delete threads / warn people / ban people / do any of the duties that ther job on here entails.


I always think of this song, especially when I think I spend too much time here:

Mama Told Me (Not to Come) ~ Three Dog Night. :slight_smile:

With SPOOFE I think of the circus theme: dit-dit-dididi-dit-dit-dee-dee (he can correct this). :slight_smile: Or am I confusing posters here?

That was the worst dit-dit-ditting EVER! :wink:

Slow ride! Take it easy…

Another Brick In The Wall, Part II should play every time a mod is pitted.

I found a band called American Death Ray, another called Baptist Death Ray and a punk rock band called Asstroland with a really cool old school punk rock song called “Death Ray”.

I had a great reply complete with URL’s, but the the SDMB was in uber-slow mode then my browser crashed and I lost it.

So this is all you get.

Any of the following songs by Bob Mould , Sugar , or Husker Du :

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Can’t Help You Any More

Dead Set On Destruction

I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

If I Can’t Change Your Mind

Makes No Sense At All

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
That is all!


How about ‘Wasting TIme’ by Blink 182? The title is pretty relevant in itself, but I like the verse that goes

“She’d teach me about modern art
And I’d show her it’s okay to fart”

  • talk about fighting ignorance!

Not a song, but for logging on I can imagine the sound effect used for the hypno-toad on Futurama.

How about Welcome to the Jungle for The Pit.
New Order’s Confusion for Great Debates.

How about Frank Zappa’s “Broken Hearts Are For Assholes” for the pit?


“She Blinded Me With Science,” for many GQ questions.

“There’s No Business Like Show Business,” for Cafe’ Society

“Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” -U2

Phil Och’s