Help build the soundtrack to the SDMB...

If there was to be a soundtrack to the Straight Dope, what songs would be on it?

The aim of the game is to suggest songs which have some sort of SDMB connection in the title or lyrics.

The song that gave me this idea was ‘Magic Pie’ by Oasis, as I can’t hear ‘pie’ and not think SDMB, but I’m sure you lot can think of some better ones.

And I’ll be impressed by the person who finds a song with a reference to 1920’s style “Death Rays”.

(Seeing as this is music related maybe it should be in Cafe Society… sorry if i’ve put it in the wring place.)

Mostly I would think we need songs that have a lot of yelling in them. Not that any spring immediately to mind. Maybe Revolution #9 by The Beatles?

[Tom Petty]
The waaaaaiting is the harrrrrreeeesssstt part.
[/Tom Petty]


Well, siince the mission of this board is fighting ignorance, how about “What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)” by Twisted Sister?


“I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then” By some country artist that I can’t be bothered to look up.

I think that there are a lot of moments on the SDMB that just need the Looney Tunes theme song playing in the background. Every time Coldfire posts, for example. :smiley:

Considering the perennial end of the world threads (e.g., Rapture coming this WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY!!), I suggest R.E.M.'s It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).

I Am A Scientist by Guided By Voices, would’ve been a nice opener.

Ride of the Valkyries plays in the background each rare time Cecil posts.

Sam Cooke’s What a Wonderful World

Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears for Fears (for all those would-be Dark Overlords)

No One Is To Blame - Howard Jones (for all the “it’s not my fault” threads)

Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell (for the tinfoil hat crowd)

This Is How It Feels (To Be Lonely) - Carter USM (for all the lonely hearts threads)

This Party Sucks - Slickee Boys (for the trolls)

Now That We Found Love - Heavy D. (for those who must post about their newly found gf/bf)

The Hamster Dance (obviously)

You Must Learn by KRS-One… for it’s “fighting ignorance” stance

Any song by Steely Dan because of the obscure jokes hidden within lyrics that can be taken a hundred different ways while having a coherant meaning to the author.

Alec Eiffel by The Pixies.

Beethoven or Bach for all of those Cafe Society types. :smiley:

Gordon Lightfoot’s The Circle is Small, whose lyrics include the relevant

The city where we live, might be quite large
But the circle is small, why not tell us all, and then all of us will know?

The linked site includes a MIDi rendering of the tune.

Anything you can do I can do better…

I think it’s from “Annie Get Your Gun”.

SpoofeColdfire and Looney Tunes? You made my ears stop up! Huh?

What is the name of the song that has the line in it: “I love you in a place where there’s no space or time…”?

I know that songs with lyrics were asked for, but I think that the theme from Peter Gun should play whenever NoClueBoy hits “View New Posts.”

And the theme from Jaws for december and New Thread.

Someone suggested songs with a lot of yelling in them… Subwoofer’s “Screaming Dementia” is certainly one.

Or Subwoofer’s “Fuzzy Logic” for the people who like to pick apart everyone else’s posts in GD or the Pit, and denounce the logic in those posts as spurious and without any real foundation.

(look up songs here)