Help! Can this pie crust be fixed?

I’m making a banana tart for dessert tonight. Usually, when I make flaky pastry dough, I use half butter, half shortening. I use the food processor on pulse to cut in the butter and cut in the shortening by hand using a pastry blender.

Today, however, I had the bright idea of cutting in both fats using the food processor. I guess I over did it because now I’ve got this somewhat-pasty mass on my hands instead of a flour/fat mixture that resembles course crumbs. I already drizzed a little ice water over it and gently mixed it in. I scraped the mess onto plastic wrap, gave it a few pats and put it in the 'fridge.

Can this mess be saved? Should I start over again? What can I expect if I use the crust I’ve already made?


The flakiness of a pie crust depends on there being pockets of solid shortening in the crust. When baked these solid shortening pockets form the voids and layers in a crust. It sounds like you have liquified the shortening.

You’re not bringing it back.

On the other hand, mmm, banana tart. If the crust is inedible, eat the rest.

Thank you for the reply. So what should I expect?

My suggestion, since I’ve never been able to make pie crust, is to throw it out and use the Pillsbury’s ready-made boxed crusts. Just as good, with none of the grief. :DE


The texture will be inferior, and the crust will be tough, as if you had overworked the crust. When I make crust I roll it out on a chilled board to ensure the shortening stays solid, and make a slightly larger amount of dough than required, so I don’t have to over roll the crust.

Ah. Thanks. I’ve been making pie crusts for eons and I’ve never flubbed one up before. Until recently, I’ve almost always made all-butter crusts, though. I, too, roll it out on a chilled surface.

Well, at least the grilled-vegetable lasagna turned out flawless. Hopefully, the kids won’t mind a tougher crust.

As to the store-bought suggestion, I think Pillsbury crusts are all shortening. I like butter in my pie crusts. Plus, I’d rather make my own.

Apparently, I should flub up tart crust more often. That was wonderful! The crust was flaky and pretty darn light. The kids loved it.

My only criticism is the filling wasn’t sweet enough. No one else complained, though, but my husband hasn’t tasted yet…

Glad it turned out. I like butter flavored Crisco, frozen, and grated on a coarse cheese grater.