Help. Can you read this image?

After reading the thread on the availability of the 1940 Census, I volunteered to help index a batch of record. I have one I can’t make out what it says, and thought I’d appeal to the masses.

What do you think this first name is?

The 3rd name down that looks like it ends with …asence.

Note, the two vertical lines at the bottom belong to the letter H of the name below.



Thomas G. Teague


Clarence is the best guess I can come up with, too, but I have misgivings about the l/c L at second position. For it to be Clarence, we need to see the loop in the cap C as the l/c L, but look at the letter E following. The flourish is repeated there, leading me to think that there is no “l” in the C but rather just a flourish.

This probably is not helpful…:rolleyes:

I agree that it’s Clarence. However, I don’t think the “L” is in the C - I agree with you that that just looks like a flourish - but it rather looks to me like there’s a really slight shadowy loop above the wiggle next to the “C” (it looks rather like a lower-case “r” in the cursive script). It looks to me like you can just see a shadowy extender raising above the top of that little hill that goes almost up to the “Zs” in “Lizzy.”

I think that it’s just faded, much like the extender at the top of the second “z” in “Lizzy” above.

Ah, yes. I see what you’re talking about and I believe you’ve got it. I feel completely sure about Clarence now. Thanks!