Help celebrate my brothers birthday!

I don’t think I’m breaking any TOS rules by doing this…

My older brother’s birthday is coming up. He’s not sick, nor is he a kid (actually he’s going to be turning 51), I’m not trying to set a record or an sob story like that. I just want to give him a fun surprise for his birthday. Every time I go on a trip, he asks that I send him a post card because he enjoys receiving them. I thought it’d be fun if I could enlist a ton of people here on the boards to send him a “happy birthday” post card or letter.

His middle name is Derby; and as long as I can remember people have called him ‘Derb.’ His birthday is November 13th.

Just a simple “Happy Birthday, Derb” or “your brother Enright3 says ‘Hi’” whatever. It doesn’t have to wait until the 13th. I want this to be as easy as possible for whoever decides to help.

You can send it to:
mailing address here
Shattuck, OK 73858

If you’re willing to help, please click on my user name above and send me a message me for his address. Private Message or Email are both OK. Also add a post here if you’re willing to help so this thread will continue get bumped. :slight_smile:


I really wish you had asked in advance. I’m going to lock this while the mods discuss.

twickster, MPSIMS mod

Okay, the consensus is that although you should have asked permission in advance, this is more not actually spam.


Thank you Twickster. I’ll ask next time… well actually I probably won’t ever do anything like this again… but regardless… :slight_smile: Thanks.

So if anyone is willing to help out, I’d really appreciate it.


Sure, why not? I’ll send him a post card.

Doh! I sent you his address twice, Purple Haze. I thought you were one of the people who send a message to me but didn’t toss a post here.

Thanks for the help.

I’ll send him one.

Thanks, congodwarf. I just private messaged you.

Thanks to everyone else who PM’d me. If you’re interested, keep 'em coming!:smiley:

Postcard mailed today.