Help: Christmas presents for teen-ish boys, no electronics

Number 1 (age 14) and Number 2 (age 10) are on academic ‘no electronics for Christmas’ punishment. (They were forewarned in September and reminded often.)

But now it seems I’ve punished myself because I’m not sure what to tell my mom and dad to pick up for them. I can get them clothes, or a science-y crafty type thing, but my ex-es mom will probably ignore anything I say and give them the most expensive techy thing possible.

So I’m kinda in the dilemma of what to suggest for my parents to get for them that won’t seem like “Gee, thanks”, while other Grandma is the hero.

If they don’t already have any of these:

football, soccer ball, basebal and gloves, other sports gear
guitar or other instrument and make them learn to play and will also help occupy their time

Thats all I can think of that I had as a young teen that was not electronics.

If the boys are geeky, there’s a ton of non-electronic-but-still-geeky stuff on to fill the bill!

The 10 year old is ready for his first shotgun. I’d suggest a single shot .410 for him, and maybe a 20 gauge pump for the 14 year old. Or maybe get them both a .22 rifle for plinking cans, etc.

Do movie theater gift certificates count as “electronics”? (since it’s sort of like buying a DVD but not really…)

Hmm come to think of it, 10 might be too young for going to the movies by yourself. 14 too.

Lots of cool projects and ideas at American science and surplus. Anything from rockets to roman coins.

Get them iTunes gift certificates so you can rub their noses in their ‘no electronics’ restrictions and give them an incentive to earn back their e-toys (which I assume include iPods).

Or, give them electronic toys, but lock them away until they complete their probation.

IMO, never give a child a gun while they are mad at you.

What are they into? Obviously, that’s kind of important in making suggestions. :wink:

I thought this looked pretty sweet, if one or the other are into Batman:

Does the 14 year old care about clothes? There was always some expensive thingamadoo item of clothing my brother was wanting growing up. (he is still the clotheshorse in the family!) If that is the case, maybe a GC to a favorite store so he can pick out his own stuff?

Books, board games, cool clothes, camping gear, art supplies.

I also second outdoor play equipment like skateboards, Razor scooters or Ripstick or other sports equipment.

Here’s to you for sticking to your guns on this.

Hand and power tools. Then if they ever claim they are bored, you can point out the fence that needs repair, the door that needs adjusting, a new sunroom off the back porch…

Etsy’s Geekery section is full of neat, one-of-a-kind stuff including old skeletons, graphic tees and toys, though it does take a bit of searching.

This is what I told my wife to get me, I’m sure your kids would love it as well

N-Strike Raider CS-35 Nerf Gun

Sometime in my teens I received the toolbox and basic needed tools in it for Christmas. Different screwdrivers, a socket set, a hammer, a set of adjustable wrenches, a utility knife allen wrenches, those hex star tools for automobiles and a few other specialty tips would be a good start. The tool box and most of the tools are still with me. It’s always been great to have and you’ll remember the giver every time you fix something.

Maybe a shotgun is not such a good idea, but it made me think, what about a “paintball gun” if there is a playing field closeby, my grand-sons, 12 and 15 like it.

I saw an Erector set for $40 at Costco. I loved that shit when I was a kid, hell, I still do! But I’m a nerd, and it’ll help his budding mechanical engineering instincts.

In today’s world, maybe not. Back in the day, getting a .410 was a coming of age ritual in my part of the world. Hunting was a lot more common, and most boys couldn’t wait for that first trip with their dad. December 26 was often a bad day to be a varmit back then…

Depends on the area. Where I grew up in rural Ohio, it was pretty common for kids to get a hunting rifle at a relatively young age, and I assume that’s still true today, 'cause I’m not that old.

My 14-year-old brother really likes board games. This year we’re thinking of getting him Galaxy Trucker, or possibly Dominion. You could go with something like that, e.g. Settlers of Catan, or whatever.

plastic models they can build. Start here, go nuts.

I’ve been trying to decide what to get my boyfriend for Christmas (he’s 36). Since Diablo 3 isn’t coming out any time soon and I’m on worker’s comp, I was kinda at a loss as to what to get that wasn’t expensive. This is PERFECT!!!

Oh, and we got his nephew a Nerf big bad bow. I can’t wait to play with it.

We got my nephews (and my niece) Snuggies. Normally I wouldn’t have but all three are always complaining that my sister needs to turn the heat up and all have asked for their own lap blanket for Christmas (my sister keeps the house at 67° - little wimps).