HELP!!! CraftyDopers!

My art school roommate is in the middle of an important project and has completely run out of Plaster of Paris. Any supplies found at the art school at my college are exhausted and so are our funds. Is there any way that you guys know of to whip up a plaster of paris type molding solution??? Any help is appreciated!!!

Depends…what is the application?

To make small sculptures. She is putting together condoms filled with the agent in order to make freestanding objects…

For low-temp molding, you can use a dough made from flour and water. Expect some amount of shrinkage though. Drying time can be accelerated with baking in an oven. But not too hot, or cracking can occur.

Hmm…my mom had a recipe for home made play-dough that we made a lot as kids. It got quite hard when left to dry. Let me see if I can find something similar.

This recipe found here seems like the one I remember.

Of course, you can omit the food coloring unless you want to make a colorful statement.

Hope that helps!

Wall patching plaster may be had, very inexpensively, at most hardware stores. It’d likely be cheaper than buying flour.

Hey everyone! Thanks for the quick help. The wall patching plaster is what we ended up finding and so far she is good with it. Once again - thanks for making my room a little less insane!!!