Help! Did anyone see Guy's Big Bite this morning?

On the Food Network, Guy Fieri had a recipe for jerk chicken kebabs with mango salsa and some kind of herbed rice. The recipe isn’t online! I think (I hope!) I got all the ingredients at the store or had it on hand.

See what you think. Did I get close?

Kebab marinade
lime juice
olive oil
orange juice
soy sauce
green onions

red onion
green onions
lime juice
sugar? I can’t remember…

rice cooked in chicken broth
stir in:
chopped cilantro
chopped parsley
chopped garlic
salt and pepper

I’ll fake it on the quantities, I guess.

Sorry for the double post, but I did remember the “scotch bonnet” pepper for the marinade…

maybe e-mail him?? I tried looking on our Dish Network Guide to see if it would be on again but I didn’t see it. Maybe give foodnetwork a few days to post it? Sorry I couldn’t help.

It’s ok - it just looked so good I wanted to make it tonight. And it’s not raining for the first time in a week and a half! Grilling time - and hubby is cleaning the grill for me.

I’ll fake it…

Just had to come back and say - dinner was awesome! Everything came out great.

Good! We went to Black Eyed Pea for dinner. :smiley: