Help Files?

Let’s say I want to write something that would begin with a heading. By clicking on that heading, one of more sub-headings would open; by clicking on one of those sub-headings, one or more sub-sub headings would open, appropriately tabbed.

I would prefer to organize this “something” like a help file is organized and not like a conventional table of contents-----is this feasible? Is free software available to help me do this? I’m not expressing this very well because I’m not entirely sure how to express it.

Cooking Cats: (click on this)

Cooking Adult Cats: (opens as a result of clicking on "Cooking Cats")

 Cooking Kittens: (Opens as a result of clicking on "Cooking Cats")

         "How to French Fry Kittens" (Opens as a result of clicking on "Cooking Kittens"

But with each click, the previous heading remains visible; I’m not jumping from one heading to another; I want it to appear as a progression.

I must be insane.

There are lots of tools out there you can use to write Windows Help files that work just like the help files you see in most Windows applications. I think what you describe can be done.

Try to Google “writing windows help files”.