help finding a children's book about a mouse and owl

I remember a book I read when I was somewhere between 7 and 9 years old. It was a story about a mouse who lived with his brother. They were happy because he liked to clean, and his brother liked to cook. For some reason, mouse had to make a winter journey…perhaps to visit an aunt?.. and along the way he was caught by an owl who hunted during the day because he could not stay awake all night. Owl decided to save mouse for the birthday treat, so they lived together for some days. Mouse cleaned up owl’s house, and eventually there was a happy ending.

Help, please? I can’t remember enough to get any hits on google and it’s driving me crazy.

Could it possibly be “A Toad for Tuesday” by Russell Erickson? It’s about a toad that decides to visit his Aunt during the winter, but is caught by an owl that decides to eat him as a birthday treat (thus the “Toad for Tuesday” title).

Sorry for the lack of a proper link, but the book can be seen at:


I think that is it! Thank you very much. Do you remember the Owl’s name? I’ve read several reviews and no-one seems to mention it.
I wonder why I was so sure it was a mouse and not a toad.

When Warton (the toad) leaves on his journey, he meets a mouse who warns him about the owl. That’s probably the cause of your mixup.

I don’t think the owl had a name.

I think the owl’s name was George.

There’s a copy at my local library, I’m going to go on Saturday to give it a quick read.

Heh. That’s Warton and Morton! The toads I mean. It’s the first book of a series. Do you remember the skiing mice?

That’s a great book for young people.

That’s because you are a clever and extraordinary person.
I found the copy at the library. The Owl didn’t have a name when introduced, and later decided that if he had a name he’d like it to be George.