Help finding a painting

I’m starting a new project in an art class, based on a famous art work, and I can’t find the painting I have in mind.
It’s a woman reclining naked, facing away from the viewer. Her body takes up much of the piece, and I think it doesn’t include much of her legs. Her skin is brown and her hair is black. I think there’s something red. The entire piece is very brown, like the colors Gauguin used. She is painted with very firm outlines and distinct shapes instead of natural, like Picasso used. The coloring is textured, almost like Le Grande Jatte. Help? She’s not coming up under Picasso or Gauguin or Matisse. Help?

Hi, CastleAnthrax:

Is this a possibility?

Vincent van Gogh’s “Nude Woman Reclining Seen from the Back”

If only to refine further searches, I hope this guess helps. Take care!

Darn, no. The one I am thinking of has almost Picasso-like outlines, no dimensions, almost a cartoon or comic book flat look, in Gauguin’s colors, with La Grande Jatte pointillism coloring.

Gauguin’s Spirit of the Dead Watching?

Cool, but no. It’s not at all realistic, more like a cartoon, and the speckled coloring is important.

Something red like the dress of a bather on the floor?

Tahitian Women Bathing
Artist: Paul Gauguin

No. The one I"m thinking of is pointillist, like La Grande Jatte. Think of a very fine spatter paint.

I’m an art historian, so I really want to help you figure this out!

I know it doesn’t fulfill your pointillist requirement, but could this be it?

Thanks but no. My painting’s woman is brown, and this one is very white. Mine’s head is to the right and body to the left, and most of the frame is filled with her body. She is not drawn naturally, but more like with shapes, like Picasso sometimes uses.