Help Finding Martian Image

For reasons known only to myself, I need to find a good image on-line of a “War of the Worlds” Martian war-machine tripod. Specifically, I want one of two scenes from the novel.

  1. A tripod stepping aroung the Clock Tower in London (Big Ben) with the Thames empty of everything but wreckage.

  2. The ironclad Thunder Child taking on the three wading tripods off the Essex coast.

Images should be suitable for use as wallpaper.

Thank you.

Hey, Doc, if you can find an image with the cover of Jeff Wayne’s 1978 album War of the Worlds, the cover image is the tripod zapping the Thunder Child.

Insice there is a slick with some other artwork, but not the Clock Tower, only a generic London scene.

Google Image search is good for this type of thing. No Thunder Child, but the first three in this list might be like what you are looking for. Or maybe this one

I get a lot of my wallpaper like this. Go to Google>Image Search> Advanced Image Search and make sure that you select wallpaper size from the drop-down.

Picking up on Mjollnir’s suggestion, the best I could find was this small image

There are scads of images here:

Thank you all, but those are pretty much what I have found already, and none of the tripods look right.

I guess I’ll just have to have something commissioned.