help finding movie noir telephone picture

So the wife has bought an old fashioned stick on the wall black telephone…

But she hasn’t stuck it on the wall. She has placed it on a stand next to the wall.

My project is to get a quintessential movie picture ( jimmy stewart, maybe )

of a guy talking on a phone in one of those phone booths in bars beloved by

Hollywood directors in noir films.

I have an outrageous headache, having spent too long googling merrily away.

Dopers seem to have this knack for unearthing the darnest things.

Go at it and help a mere male.

( If a husband is alone in the forest, is he still wrong? )

How about a still from that classic scene with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Read listening in to the same telephone in “It’s A Wonderful Life”?


found that one.

I am more interested in the hard boiled protagonist looking worried as he talks

on one of those phones in the booth with the concertina door. * phew *

Burt Lancaster in Sorry, Wrong Number.

His Girl Friday was the first thing to come to mind.
Gotta love Roz

Call Northside 777?

Ah! god bless yez all!

Will be able to do some manipulati’ , I reckon.

Thanks again.