Help; Flooding in a dry climate

I live up a hill over 1,000 foot high, in sunny S CA. I am a few blocks from the top of this small mountain or hill a few miles drive uphill. It is normally hot, or warm and dry here. Few rain days per year most years. And my house is flooded. it starts a few blocks off… exuding water at a park the Gov covered with disabled money, a cement gazebo and walkway.
I don’t understand how someone can live far up high in a very dry climate and be in floods. The water was pumped to others homes and streets. Now it just runs. No one seems to care that it is let to run into all the septics in the area, or that it is a good fresh water source. It will run for weeks and sometimes months after a rain while the rest of the county is hot and dry.
My question is; How is this possible? And also, does anyone value water in S CA enough to pipe it?

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I’m confused by your description. Do you mean that at one time the water was pumped to homes for drinking?

It sounds like a spring. That occurs when underground water comes to the surface.