Help - friend can't find important tax form

My friend can not find her 1099c Clearance of Debt form for filing her taxes. She called the IRS and said they weren’t helpful. They said to call the creditor but the debt was combined from 3 cards and the 1099c was for the total debt. Friend says her lawyer wasn’t helpful either.

I figured I’d ask the boards if they had any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Who issued the 1099c? Regardless of the origins of the debt, a particular entity had to issue the form. She should call that entity and ask them to send her a copy.

The creditor’s name had to have been on the 1099c form, even if they were representing several card companies. Surely she must have some kind of correspondence or record of who cleared the debt. She needs to contact that company to get a copy of the 1099c.