Help! Gmail won't stop forwarding my mail!!!

Dear Abby,

In the beginning, there was my Gmail. One address, and there was peace on earth.

And then I discovered how to Pop 3 my Novell work e-mail to Gmail. I never had to see that insipid Groupwise again. And there was peace on earth.

I got a Blackberry, and along with all my Gmail, I got the forwarded Novell mail - filtered to a label, but also visible in my Inbox. Sweet. And there was peace on earth.

And then my employer dumped Novell and we now use the Google Apps function, raising my opinion of my employer, a K-12 school district with 1300-ish employees. I could no longer Pop3, but I was able to use the forward function in the Google App. to send a copy of everything sent to my work mail, to my Gmail. Yes I had duplication, but I also had some 1800 e-mails stored in my personal mail, and though I kn.w there’s a way copy it back to my work mail, not ALL if is saved in the Google App. mail.

Everything was fairly hunky dory. And all was mostly well with the world.

Yesterday, I see that Google has an upgrade to the Gmail Blackberry application. See? I noticed that one of the features is that it supports multiple accounts.

Sweet. I download, play a bit and see there, in the settings is an option to add an account from Google Apps. I enter my work e-mail address, and now when I’m in Gmail on the Blackberry, it’s as easy to go to the menu, and pick the account I want to see - personal or work.

So, now I think - hey I’ll cut all of the connections between the two accounts. Go to Gmail (Back at my desk), cut off the forwarding function, dump all the filters that said mail from so and so, or TO the work mail get assigned a folder, etc. NOTHING in any of my settings, filters or anywhere that I know of to look, has anything to do with anything in the work account.

I go the work account, go to settings, labels, filters - and do the same.

I am still getting work E-mail in my Gmail account! It goes to both places, so I’m not losing anything, but what am I missing? What do I have to do to un-Siamese these two accounts? I want work in the Google Apps account only, and NOT in my own Gmail.


Using Bad Language

You told Gmail to stop forwarding, but you didn’t tell Google App to stop forwarding to Gmail.

Stand there a minute and watch me call myself stupid.

Thanks. A lot, really.:smack:

No worries. At least you didn’t create an endless loop, where both email servers forwarded mail to each other. Not that I would know anything about that.