help! hard drive went missing in win2000 but not xp

just had a bit of a spat with the pc. was running a dual boot system with win2k and windowsxp. well something screwed up and after several reinstallatins of both versions of windows i’ve wound up with a predicament… i’ve got one hard drive that is seen as formatted and full of stuff in windows xp, but not in windows 2000. i dont have the space to simply move the files and format the drive, so how can i go about fixing the problem?

Install a slave drive, drag the files to it and then reformat/reinstall the OSs.

its 90 gigs of files, thats just not feasable at this point in time or i’d have done it already. thinking about it now its not a physical drive its not seeing just a partition on one physical drive. the other 130gig partition on the same drive is seen with no problem in both os

Check your registry at the following key:


If you don’t see the drive letter that is associated with the missing partition, you can add it. Use the other drive entries as a template. As always when futzing around with the registry, back it up first, in case you screw up. You can also download a neat little utility called TweakUI that can do this for you. If you’re not comfortable with editing the registry, use that instead.

Might help if I gave you a link to download TweakUI.

In Windows 2000, what does it see about the drive?

(go to Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Manager)

It is possible 2000 knows about the drive but isn’t sure how to access it. From Disk management you can assign it a drive letter which will let you access it from “My Computer”.

If I recall, the disk management feature in 2000 is the same as XP and Windows 2003. Right click the drives partition in disk management and select ‘change drive letter and paths’.

TweakUI is a great thing to have on every Windows box, but I don’t think it will allow you to set drive letters on partitions. It will allow you to hide partitions though.

just thought youd like to know i got it fixed… hat to install newer eide drivers for my mother board. apparently there was something wonky with That particular partition that needed them. :confused: