Help! Hotels near Ofuna or Yokohama, Japan

Please help me find an inexpensive hotel (under ¥80,000) near Ofuna or Yokohama, Japan. Yeah, I’m not picky, a business hotel with a bed and an ensuite is fine. I’d prefer something withn a few blocks of a train station since I don’t plan on driving. If it makes a difference, I’ll be arriving just before Christmas and leaving just after New Years.

My friend first suggested Ofuna. I haven’t had much luck finding anything there. He suggested Yokohama for an alternate location. Quite a few choices in Yokohama. While I could just randomly pick, I figured I’d ask the great minds for suggestions.

Under 80,000yen/night? I think that’s just about anything short of a 60th-floor executive suite in the Royal Park Hotel overlooking the harbor.

Did you mean 8,000yen?

How close do you want to be to either? Yokohama is only 30 minutes by train from Tokyo after all. Also, can you tell me exactly how many days you are staying?

Some more information would help. Where are you wanting to be each day?

Here’s one hotel, near Kannai, which is a couple of stops from Yokohama and near Chinatown. Single rooms are 6,500 yen to 8,000 yen. The APA chain are pretty typical basic “Business hotel” with a little more than a bed and a bathroom, but it sounds like you are familiar with the creatures. The link is in English.

If you want to be closer to Tokyo proper I know a great place in Asakusabashi, like maybe 10 minutes by train to Shinjuku and only one stop away from Akihabara (a haven for nerds like us. Plus the only place on earth you’ll see a grown man walking around in a pikachu costume as if he wears it every day and there’s nothing inherently strange about that) The place is called Hotel Mercury and it’s literally a block or two from the Asakusabashi JR station. Can get you more info if you’re interested. Don’t know much about Yokohama though, sorry

Try Toyoko Inn
Single room ¥6,800(including tax¥7,140)
Sakuragicho is very close to Yokohama station
Also near JR Yokohama

Surprsingly, their site is in english too!

Everyone, thanks for the suggestions. After reading the rest of this post, if you have other hotels to pimp out, defininitely post 'em. Upon preview, something else popped into my head: is there a “sumo district?” I’m thinking of where they buy their clothes as opposed to seeing them. I’d like to buy some Japanese clothes but, damn, I’m too big for the “big and tall” shops at the department stores.

Sublight: You’re right, of course. Too many currency conversions recently. I get lost between the decimal points and commas.

Autolycus: I fly in December 23 and leave January 3. I’m not sure which dates I’ll be in Tokyo because Hokkaido awaits. Kuma no kibori, here I come!

TokyoPlayer: I’m planning to stay in the Yokohama area because my friend’s inlaws live nearby. Other than the quick trip to Hakodate or Sapporo, it’s going to be whatever I feel like when I’m not with his family. I don’t have many problems navigating the Tokyo train system.

PopeJewish: Thanks for the offer but please see above for location preference. I plan a short trip to Akihabara to pick up some cables and maybe some ex-demo phones and cameras. Are there any festivals going on?

chromaticity: Great suggestion. The single room looks huge at that hotel. Thanks.

For what it is worth, I will second the Toyoko Inn recommendation: was going to recommend them myself. Never been to the one in Yokohama, but I think they are basically all alike. Nice, clean, with comfy beds. You get a nice little welcome pack when you check in, free breakfast, a yukata to use, and so on. Not very Japanese, though–its basically going to look like any hotel in America (although likely smaller than you are used to, dont be decieved by the website.) Some people prefer that though.

I’ll 3rd the Toyoko Inn. I’ve never stayed in Yokohama, but I’ve used them in other cities. They’re consistently clean, convenient (conveniently located, too), friendly and reasonably priced. A bit cramped, but if you’re just looking for a bed and place to leave your bags, it’s a good choice.

As a bonus, if you have to travel by taxi, all the drivers will know where it is, and there will probably always be one or two waiting outside.

Don’t know if any ryokans are in the area you need to stay - web site is below. Perhaps for future travel.

We used a number of them traveling throughout Japan back in the early 80s. Always very reasonable. Plain tatami mat floor with sliding doors hiding floor futons. Semi-communal bath area. Tea served. Very basic. I remember the one in Kyoto was 1/3 the price of main hotels, very secure because the yakusa used to dine in the area. The young tough bodyguards would hang outside smoking and leaning against the big black sedans.

Also used one by Mt. Fuji complete with hot/medicinal baths.

Thanks again everyone. It looks like the Toyoko Inn it’ll be. I’ll make the reservations this weekend once I figure out the days I’m going to Hokkaido. I may just get it over with at the beginning of the trip.

smithsb, any time I think of ryokans I think of Homer Simpson walking right through rice paper walls instead of through the doors. Heh heh heh.