HELP!!! I am infested with termites

My son was pressure washing the house when he took out a 5 foot section of the house. Upon careful examination it was apparent I had some type of bug that had previously destroyed the wood.

I have had 4 different inspections and I have sub terranian termites. EEEEEEk

I have no clue what is the best method to rid my 10 yr old house of these pests. I have had 2 professional bug companies come over and they swear their treatment is the best. (To the tune of nearly $5K)

I can’t afford to make a foolish decision on what method to use.
For an extra $250 a year they each would give me a bond to guarentee me that the termites no longer exist. A guarentee that I will pass an inspection should I try and sell the property.

I have called the city building inspector (but he hasn’t returned my calls yet) To try and get some advice.

Has anyone had any experience with termites that can help me?
I am afraid that someone is going to try and take advantage of me.

If you don’t have any solutions for me I would appreciate a check (every little bit counts) Isn’t that what United Way says? :smiley:

Sears has a good terminte elimination plan that also repairs the damage. Good prices too, but don’t remember the cost. Call them and ask.

Which method is best is a hotly contested debate that I’m not qualified to undertake. I will say that you DO need to get the bond. Make sure that it is a “repair” bond and not just a “retreatment” bond. Fat lotta good it will do you to have the house retreated free but have all the damage repair bills come out of your pocket.

Thanks for the advice.

How do i make a logical decision which is the “best method?”

So far the only ones that sound like they might work is Sentricon and Termidor. Both methods are very different.

The building inspector called and didn’t have much to offer in way of which method to use. He did tell me that the wood on my house is problematic in Florida and that there are many lawsuits with the manufactuer (Louisiana Pacific) The inspector told me to call so someone from the company can come out and inspect and if they feel it is a fault in their product they will cut me a check on the spot. Hey a hidden blessing in disguise!

I heard this today and it made me laugh since I am trying so hard to make the decision of which method to use.

The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.:smack:

I have a friend in the pest control business and it totally depends on the type of termite you have. Some termites can only be eliminated by “tenting” the house and binding up the oxygen. Them you have to drill into the lawn and put “Traps” so any tunnelling termites are discovered before they find your house.

I should mention that termite problems are a constant problem in Florida, and my friend is a very wealthy man.

Chlordane will kill your termites. And possibly you too, which is why it’s difficult to get nowadays. Amazing, I read a Do-It-Yourself manual from the 50s which involved digging the distribution trenches and pouring the toxin YOURSELF. Yay! Death!